Helping You Reclaim Your Balance

Helping You Reclaim Your Balance

Helping You Reclaim Your BalanceHelping You Reclaim Your BalanceHelping You Reclaim Your Balance

We're passionate about finding the path that works best for you, on your road to recovery!

Why higher purpose recovery?

We offer a sober, safe and secure environment in which to live while establishing and achieving recovery goals. Time spent at Higher Purpose Recovery is an opportunity to gain clarity and focus, become accountable, and take ownership of your life and long-term sobriety.

Higher Purpose Recovery


Support through early recovery and beyond

 Recovery requires the repetition of simple daily routines.  This daily action helps us develop life skills and transforms our perception of ourselves and our place in the world.  Many of us have struggled in meeting normal adult responsibilities. By implementing a daily routine consistent with the 12 Steps and spiritual principles we find we are able to face life successfully.  We learn how to navigate life’s hardships and cultivate happiness, joy, and freedom. We develop meaning and purpose in our lives and are able to turn our dark past into our greatest asset through sharing our experience strength and hope with our fellow women.  Early recovery can span a number of years. Those who choose to strengthen their practice in a safe and structured sober living environment have an exponentially higher chance of acquiring long-term recovery. 

At Higher Purpose Recovery, you will

  •  Build a foundation of honesty and trust with yourself and those around you;
  • Learn how to effectively deal with everyday stresses of life while remaining clean and sober; and
  • Develop positive behaviors and habits that become en-grained in your everyday life.

A Structured setting

  •  Weekly chores
  •  Mandatory house meetings 
  • Monday night @ 8pm
  • Curfew
    • Sunday – Thursday, 11pm, lights out, 11:30pm
    • Friday & Saturday, 12am, lights out, 12:30am

Sustainable recovery


Higher Purpose Recovery enforces a daily schedule designed to promote a gradual and sustainable recovery. Everyone is required to attend daily 12 step meetings for their first 90 days of sobriety and a minimum of three meetings each week after that.

Higher Purpose Recovery has zero tolerance for the use of alcohol and/or drugs and conducts random urinalysis testing and/or alcohol screenings

house meetings

House meetings maintain a positive and supportive environment. Therefore, they are mandatory for all house guests. The objective of the meetings is to support the Higher Purpose Recovery philosophy and bring issues to the group for discussion and resolution.

The meeting format is generally:

  • Management will provide a weekly update
  • Each guest will have some time to articulate problems experienced during the past week
  • Issues or concerns which require extensive discussion will be addressed with management before the weekly house meeting.
  • Each meeting ends with a prayer for serenity


Higher Purpose Recovery's Sober Living home

Higher Purpose Recovery sober living home is located in a quiet neighborhood  in Fountain Valley, California. There is a public park inside the neighborhood and the house is only 2 miles from the coast of Huntington Beach California. The home has a unique tri-level floor plan, 5-bedrooms, a large living room, dining room, breakfast bar, granite counters, wood floors, 2.5 bathrooms, three refrigerators, washer & dryer, large back yard, Jacuzzi and barbecue. There is a flat-screen TV in the living room.  In addition, each bedroom has two beds with a portable AC unit in each room. The house offers a computer and printer for job searching and resumes. There is also WIFI throughout the entire house. Coffee, cream & sugar, laundry detergent, fabric softener, paper towels, toilet paper, and all cleaning products are included. Higher Purpose Recover is centrally located for employment opportunities and access to A.A. and N.A. meeting venues. 

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